The Bullet Journal

The first thirty years of my life my plan was to be late to half of my appointments and to forget about the other half, to never accomplish anything, and to hate myself. The next fifteen years my plan was to start getting organized and start being the sort of person I could trust to get stuff done and get me places in a reliable fashion. I like myself a lot better now and we have a lot more fun together.  Continue reading

What’s Next?

I’ve had ideas of writing a book for about ten years now. You’d think that was enough to time to have written one but I was kind of busy. First of all, I was busy parenting and simply getting my act together. I became such a mess the first twenty years of my life that I spent the next twenty years digging myself out of the hole that my bad education had gotten me into. I also wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what other people wanted me to do and then running around like a circus animal doing it. Continue reading

Random Technology Tips

Save Your Battery Life

Would you like to know how to make your cell phone battery last all day? I did!

#1 Turn your phone off. Duh.

#2 Leave your phone on but stop using it. Yes, that helps too.

#3 Close all your apps. On an Iphone, double click the home button and then swipe up on each app to close it.

#4 Turn on low power mode. Most people don’t know that you can do this. On an Iphone, go to your settings > battery > low power mode. Easy! You will have to manually update some of your apps since they won’t update automatically in low power mode.

#5 Turn on airplane mode.

#6 Turn down your screen brightness and use a black screen for apps whenever possible.

I’ve read that keeping your battery charged between 20% and 80% keeps it from wearing out quickly so it will stay charged longer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn the keyboard shortcuts for the programs you use and use your mouse as little as possible. You will save so much time! It helps to print out a list. Many programs have similar shortcuts but I’m still trying to learn all of them for the Mac.

Shortcuts for Mac

Shortcuts for Windows

The shortcuts I use the most are- select, select paragraph, select/delete, select all, copy, paste, undo, save, bold, italicize, move between open windows.

Which are your favorites?




Addicted to Chaos

img_1289I claim that I want to be organized and that I want a calm and simple life so why do I keep starting project after project?

That’s a good question.

My only excuse is that we have needs. We need an education and money and better health and more fun and the time slips away and the chaos builds. Continue reading

Do Something That Will Last a Lifetime

img_7124It’s easy to get caught up in making money or being entertained or taking care of children.

The food has to be made, the house has to be cleaned and the money has to be earned.

You have to eat right and exercise and get enough sleep.

But what if you were too sick to do any of that? What if you couldn’t get out of bed every day?

When you do a thousand things a day,

Or you can’t do much of anything at all,

Do something that will last a lifetime.

Continue reading