What are you excited about?

What are you interested in?  How are you spending your time?  What are you learning?  What do you think about incessantly?

I’ll tell you mine.  I was going to put them in order but they all pretty much tie for first place.

I’m excited that I have an adorable baby that just turned one!  He is starting to talk and he’s chasing after the big children.  He sleeps 13 hours at night and takes a 4 four hour nap which means that he gets enough sleep to be completely happy.  He plays and plays and when he gets tired he climbs onto my lap, kisses and hugs me and tells me to put him to bed in his adorable baby way.  At this very moment he is kicking a ball around the house.   One of my children said that he is so cute, they wondered what he would be like when he turned two.  I said he would be twice as cute of course!

I’m excited that we are closing on our house in 26 days.  26 Days to freedom! I have been waiting for this for 6 years so don’t ever tell me that I am not a patient person.  We are selling just about everything but books and memories.  This week we sold four dining tables.  I’m not sure why we had 4 dining tables but you know…  Sometimes things just sneak into your house that you didn’t really plan for.

I’m excited that I am taking the Suzuki Violin Teacher Training and learning so much!  My older girls are already too advanced for me to teach but I have three little monkeys that are waiting to learn.

I’m excited that we are getting ready to go back to Guatemala!   I have been buying all the clothes we’ll need down there and doing all the necessary preparations like getting a passport for the baby.   At the end of the month our house closes, I finish my training and we will be off!

That’s my short list.  What is yours?

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