School Uniforms


When I was in school I always wished we could wear uniforms.  I just didn’t want to have to think so hard about what I wore every day.  In 25 years I haven’t changed a bit.  I wear a uniform every single day.

My uniform has changed over the years, dressing up or down but these days, at home, I wear a pair of black yoga pants and a black t-shirt.

Yes. Every single day.

No.  Not the same pair.  I do put on clean clothes every day. 🙂

I spend a good part of the day walking and exercising so it’s easier to dress to suit my lifestyle than to be changing my clothes all the time.   I have several nice outfits that I wear when I go to town but they are also pretty simple and plain.  Plain Jane.  That’s me.

I guess when you are 6 foot 1 you don’t need fancy clothes to draw attention to yourself.  When I shop for clothes I look for three things:

  1.  First I am looking for items that are long enough which is extremely difficult being so tall and long legged.  I would have a much different outlook on fashion if shopping were easier and cheaper.   Why do I wear so much black?  Because that’s what I can find in my size.  The end.
  2.  Second I am looking for clothes that will last a long time.  Because my clothes are so expensive and because shopping is so painful I try to buy things that will last and look good for years.
  3. Third, they have to be comfortable and easy to take care of.  No cutting off my circulation. No dry cleaning.  No ironing is even better.

Uniforms for Children

Because I am poor and I have so many children they also wear uniforms.

The boys are the easiest and this is basically what I do.  I walk into a store and pick out 3 navy blue t-shirts for each of them.  Then I find a pair of shorts and buy it in three different colors that match navy blue.  Or three of one color.  It doesn’t matter.  Add two navy blue sweatshirts and a pair of sandals and they are dressed for the summer.

Cute.  Easy.  Done.

And more time to worry about other things.

The girls are older and care more about what they wear but I still make it easy because they play hard and their clothes show it.  Three pairs of black shorts.  Three cute t-shirts in girly but darkish colors so they don’t show every little speck of dirt.  One cute jacket, one pair of sandals and they are almost dressed for the summer.

The girls also require adorable summer dresses to wear to town and you can’t blame me if I get carried away and buy them a few too many.

If I am going to spend a little more money on something it will be for coats and jackets.   I think it’s worth it because they are worn daily and I can buy them a little big so they can wear them for a couple years.

The bonus of dressing in uniforms is that laundry is a breeze and our closets aren’t stuffed.

I love it when I can find a way to make something so complicated, so simple.

How much time and money do you like to spend on clothing?

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