The Easy Road


A lot of things I do look really hard to other people and they are.  I do things that are really, really hard.  But it’s not necessarily because I’m stupid.  It’s because the alternatives are even harder.

Someone was asking me about homeschooling the other day.  She said, “I can see why it might be a good idea but I would never do it.  It sounds way too hard.”

I am the laziest person on the planet.

But I also want what I want so everything I do is calculated to bring me the best results possible by the easiest road I can think of.

I homeschool because I have never met a public-school graduate that said, “Awesome!  Sign me up for twelve more years of that!”  If I were to send my children to public school then we would have to get up when they told us to, go where they told us to, study what they told us to and then come home and try to fit all the stuff we really want to do into a couple short hours of the remainder of the day and weekends.

Who has time for that???

Having a little girl spend months crying in pain while all the specialists in the state couldn’t help her wasn’t fun and wasn’t easy.  Driving two hours a week to buy milk and eggs and not having the convenience of eating at a drive through is easy compared to that.  Trust me.  So, so easy.

Spending 2 hours a day walking and exercising is easy compared to spending 2 years in bed from a painful chronic illness.

Having babies at home is easy compared to having them in the hospital and nearly bleeding to death from all the medical interventions.

Practicing my violin and memorizing poems every day is easy compared to the pain of sitting on the couch watching television night after night while my brain disintegrates.

Life is hard enough.  Excuse me why I trip down the easy road.

4 thoughts on “The Easy Road

  1. Dani

    This is why I love you so much. You do and say all of the things I wish I could say and do!! The reason I struggle to try different things is because I tend to doubt my own abilities. If I can’t do it perfectly I just don’t try it. I’m still trying to figure out how to get past this one…The control freak in me just won’t let it go. Any suggestions? I know one day I will regret thinking like this in a much bigger way. I fear for my health and the sanity of my children. How did you work through your thoughts? Or have you never had this problem? Thanks for making me think about the hard things again. 🙂

    1. Lara Post author

      Thank you Dani! Of course I struggle with thoughts of doubt every single day. I just keep working on things a little bit at a time and eventually it seems like we make progress. It’s always slower than I would like it to be but slow is better than never right? 🙂


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