Simple Goals

You can’t do it all.  You can’t have children AND a perfectly clean house AND a full/part-time job AND always look gorgeous AND cook all your food from scratch AND get enough sleep AND homeschool or supplement a public school education AND exercise daily AND make cute little crafts AND remodel your house AND grow a garden AND bottle the produce AND practice an instrument AND get your  own education AND have meaningful relationships AND save the world AND on AND on…

I love stating the obvious.

But if it’s so obvious why do so many women keep trying and then hate themselves when they fail?

I seriously used to think I should be able to do all those things.  Where did I get that crazy idea???

Luckily I am much smarter these days.

These days I only think I can do twenty times more than I’m capable of doing instead of a hundred times more.  I’m a genius.

Every day I have to remind myself that I have limitations and that I need to stop trying to do so much.  Every day I am surprised when angels don’t appear to help me with my work because everything I am doing is so noble and worthy.  If anyone deserves a fairy godmother it’s me right?

Me and everyone else on the planet.

I think we’re all trying our best and we could all use some help.

Or maybe we should just stop trying to do so much.

Maybe we should give ourselves a break and pass out on the floor instead.

That would probably be more beneficial than anything else.

Today, an hour before his bedtime, my 19 month old baby walked down the hall and started knocking on his bedroom door.  I cleaned him up and when I opened his door for him he ran to his bed and turned around to wait for me to put him in it.

Smart baby.

When you’re sick in bed for nearly two years your standards get a little more realistic.

Keep everyone alive.

Not happy.

Not healthy.

Not clean.

Just alive.

That’s a good goal to have some days.

Let’s start there and then see what we can accomplish tomorrow because tomorrow is the biggest gift we can get and I certainly wouldn’t want to waste my tomorrows by worrying too much about today.

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