Sugar Addicts In Recovery

I was eating really well last year.  I was off wheat and all grains and I was eating very little sugar.  I thought.

Once a week when we went to violin lessons we would stop at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s and buy a little bag of chocolates.

I didn’t let myself think about the fact that we were eating bags and bags of bananas, other fruits, and gallons of honey.  Somehow I justified it in my mind because it was natural/raw/unprocessed/whatever.

It was sugar.

Things got worse when we went to Guatemala and we weren’t going to town once a week.  We lived in town and we could buy chocolate every day if we wanted.  We could also eat fresh, delicious, cheap fruit all day long and we did.

It was terrible.

I gained five pounds.

I stopped.

I lost five pounds.

I started again.

I gained five pounds.

I stopped.

I lost five pounds.

You get the picture.


Everyone that knows me is sick to death of hearing me say that we are going to start the GAPS diet but when you are sick and life is hard how do you start a diet for your whole family that is going to make your life ten times harder even when you know it’s going to make your life a million times easier in the long run?

You stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You stop waiting for someone, anyone to help you.

You work on finding and making all the foods that you need a little at a time.

You stop buying chocolate and potatoes.

And one day, to everyone’s surprise, you actually start the diet.

The woman who is teaching us how to do the diet said our taste buds would change and the sour yogurt would no longer make us gag, cry, and throw up.

I thought she was a liar.

I thought she was talking about everyone but us.

There was no way this disgusting yogurt was ever going to taste good to me.

And then I talked to her on the phone again.

You know the yogurt that we cultured for 12 hours?

It wasn’t sour enough.

It has to be cultured for 24 hours to make sure every last molecule of sugar is cultured out of it.

I was ready to give up right then.

Instead we put the yogurt back in the dehydrator for 12 more hours.

But something went wrong.  When I got up in the morning and tasted the yogurt it was less sour, not more sour.  The little girl who had been crying and gagging the day before ate a whole bowl of it.

When my 15-year-old came home I had her taste it and she said it was horribly sour.  We had a little bit of the old yogurt left so she did a taste test and the new yogurt was at least three times more sour than the old yogurt.

It was a miracle!

After only a day and a half of no sugar or starch the yogurt tasted good to us!

Our taste buds had really changed!

Now what?

Now I don’t eat fruit and crave sugar every night before I go to bed.

Now I’m not even tempted to eat that bag of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolates that I put away in a special place a couple of weeks ago and just discovered yesterday.

Now I am excited for the changes that are going to happen with our health.

After a lifetime of searching I hope I have finally found the answers.

I hope it’s as easy as doing something this hard.

Stay tuned to find out.



3 thoughts on “Sugar Addicts In Recovery

  1. Leslie

    just discovered you are blogging again. so excited to read and catch up. I also have a chronic illness and have attempted to try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Several failed attempts and a lot of wasted time/money. reading your words have inspired me to try again! so glad you are back!!

  2. Lara Post author

    Leslie, I wanted to try the diet for years but I read about so many people that do and fail so I never started. I have a certified GAPS consultant helping me with it to make sure we do everything correctly. It is a hard thing to do. I wish us both success!

  3. Cherie

    I just discovered that you have written zillions of blog posts in the months we have been without internet. I’ll have to catch up.


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