GAPS Diet Update Week 1

Picture an entire family laying around the house detoxing all at the same time.

Picture some of us grumpier than usual, some of us happier than usual and some of us too tired to be happy or grumpy or conscious.

It’s been easier than I thought it would be.  And a lot harder.

I had to give away the Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolate stash I found.  I haven’t wanted to eat them but who knows what may happen in a particularly weak moment?  It’s better to be safe right?

I do really well until I have to walk into a grocery store.  Bananas!  Apples!  Collard greens!  I don’t think I like collard greens but I bet they would taste really good right now.  Yesterday my 4 year old asked for radishes of all things.  Yum.

Actually the food we are eating is really yummy.  It’s just the same thing all day every day.

We’re one week in and we have about three weeks to go until we can start adding new foods.

We can do this!!!

I’ve already seen improvements in our health.  Huge improvements in one child in particular and in myself.  After two years of living with chronic pain I am pain-free!  AMAZING!!!

It gives me hope that this is going to work for all our other symptoms as well.

Yes it will.

It has to.

2 thoughts on “GAPS Diet Update Week 1

  1. reno123

    Best wishes to you. It’s great that the whole family is on board. (Wish I were close enough to help take those chocolates off your hands!)


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