I Only Have Today

My children and everyone I care about could be gone tomorrow.

All of my money and possessions could disappear next week.

My health could be destroyed two years ago.

I’ve been told that my time is free and I used to believe it but it’s not true.  Time is the most valuable thing I have.

As long as I’m alive it’s the only thing I have.

Yesterday I got to see my daughter ride in a hunter show.  She doesn’t ride because she wants to ride in the Olympics or become famous or make millions of dollars from it.  She rides because she loves animals and it makes her happy to work hard and get a little bit better every day.

If I don’t live for this moment I am living for a dream that is never going to come true.

No one can predict the future and the future never happens they way we think it will.  Never.

Sometimes it’s better and sometimes it’s worse and sometimes it’s just different.  It’s always different.

That’s why I can only live for today.

Today it makes me feel good to teach my children.

To try to get my health back a little bit at a time.

To think about interesting ideas.

To play my violin.

To go for walks.

To spend time with lovely people.

To not waste time on nonsense and useless junk.

To not waste time trying to do a list of things I don’t have time to do or trying to be something I don’t want to be.

I can’t afford to do that.

I only have today.

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