Are You Selfish?

It’s funny how most of us think that once we buy something we have to keep it forever because we paid good money for it and we might need it some day.

When you go to a movie you don’t sit in the theater for the rest of your life because you might want to watch another movie some day.  You don’t try to horde the seat and keep other people from using it.

No.  You watch the movie and then you get up and walk out the door and get on with your life.

It’s a silly analogy but you get my point.  Why not pay for the experience of using something and then when you’re done with it give it away or sell it so someone else can use it instead of hording it for the rest of your life?

We can stop being selfish.  All it takes is a shift in our way of thinking.

Some people are so selfish that they horde everything and they care more about their stuff than they do people.  They would rather keep their stuff and ruin relationships than let go of something and they will hate you if you don’t keep every little thing they have ever given you.  It’s sad.

I don’t have time for that.  I care more about people.  I care more about living.

Just think about all the experiences that you could be having if you didn’t spend so much time worrying about your stuff?  Think of all the places you could go and people you could meet?

I got rid of my house and most of my possessions and spent an unforgettable three months in Guatemala.  When I spend less time taking care of my stuff I have more time for walking and reading to my children and playing my violin.  The experiences we have and the things we learn can never be taken away from us.

Life is beautiful when you choose to make it beautiful.

Or you can be mean and selfish and sit home guarding your piles of stuff.  Put a lock on them and a lock on your heart and don’t let anyone in.

You choose.

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