GAPS Diet Update Week 2

This diet isn’t a casual little fling.  It’s a two year commitment.

We’re in this for the long haul.

We ate broccoli today!  And kale yesterday!  You have never seen children so excited about kale.  It was a treat.

After two weeks we are over the worst part of this.  Now we can start adding new cooked vegetables while everyone is begging for raw vegetables.  I never wanted to be a mother that deprived her children of carrot sticks but here we are.

I can make my little children follow the diet because they can’t get the lid off the honey bucket and their little legs don’t reach the car pedals but my older children go places without me and they are smart enough to eat what they want when I’m not looking so how do I get them to follow it with us?

I don’t.

They get themselves to follow it.

I tell them why we’re doing it and they are trusting me that this will work because they want to get better just as much as I want them to get better.

I tell them that if they follow the diet perfectly they will heal faster and maybe we won’t have to do this for two years.

That’s something we can all agree on together.

Their new hobby is to ask me what they are allowed to eat.

Can we eat avocados?

Can we eat mustard?

Can we eat rice?

Can we eat soy sauce?

When do we get to eat cheese?

When do we get to eat hot sauce?

When do we get to eat tomatoes?

When do we get to eat Twinkies?


The questions never stop.

You would think they were being deprived of all the foods that they know and love.

They are.

You would think they have nothing better to do than think about food.

They don’t.

And yet we persevere.

Only two years minus two weeks to go.

2 thoughts on “GAPS Diet Update Week 2

  1. reno123

    Kale as a treat? That’s amazing! I wish you the best. It’s great that your children are all on board with you.


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