A Little Girl

Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl that drove everyone crazy with her complaining.

She’s hot.

She’s cold.

She’s tired.

She can’t sleep.

She’s hungry.

The chair is too hard.

The bed is too soft.

She can’t help because she has a headache.

It was like living with Goldilocks.

She was so irritating that some people called her a spoiled brat.  Some people had a very hard time putting up with her.  Some people downright couldn’t stand her.

Some people didn’t know that she was sick.


She was hot and cold because her body had a hard time regulating her temperature.

She was tired and hungry all the time because her body couldn’t digest her food.

Stressful situations gave her headaches that made her throw up.

She was uncomfortable because she hurt.

She complained because she was miserable and she didn’t know why.

How often do we judge other people without knowing anything about them?  Maybe we think we know them well enough to judge but do we really know them?  How could we possibly judge others when people don’t even know themselves why they behave the way they do?

Do you know why you behave the way you do?  I don’t.  All I know is there is a program in my brain that I follow until it gets reprogrammed with new information and situations.  The programming started before I was even born so how could I possibly understand it?

I can’t.

Maybe instead of hate we should try a little patience.

Maybe instead of judging we should ask what we can do to help.

Because that little girl is my daughter.

And that little girl is me.

And maybe she is your daughter too.

And there is nothing worse than being judged and hated for something you don’t understand and you can’t change.


What can I do to help?


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