Monthly Archives: July 2015

Dear Jane – Regrets


What are the things you kept when you got rid of everything? I’m curious because I’m starting the great purge in our house today. There are very few things that I’m attached to but, I am afraid to get rid of things and then regretting it, so are there things you regret doing away with?

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What will it take?

Two women grew up on a farm together.  Many, many years passed until you would never guess that they were only one year apart.  One of the women moved, acted and looked much older than the other one.  They had a similar start but they led very different lives as adults.  I bet you can guess which one continued to feed her family simple, inexpensive farm food and which one began eating the same processed garbage that the entire country was beginning to eat at that time.

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My (Not) To-Do List

We have been camped out for the last two months while I look for a place to live.  Living in a camper trailer could be such a simple relaxing experience, and is for a lot of people, but not for us.  It’s not relaxing to make 8 gallons of yogurt, 4 gallons of juice and I don’t know how many gallons of broth and cooked veggies in a camper trailer every week not to mention washing all those dishes in a teeny tiny sink.  But I’m not complaining because even though it’s not relaxing, it’s super adventurous! Continue reading