Dear Jane – Regrets


What are the things you kept when you got rid of everything? I’m curious because I’m starting the great purge in our house today. There are very few things that I’m attached to but, I am afraid to get rid of things and then regretting it, so are there things you regret doing away with?

I got this question that I wanted to answer because it is so important.  I have cleaned a lot of garbage out of my life over the years.  It feels great and I don’t regret getting rid of anything because every time I get rid of junk I find that better things come into my life.

There are a couple things that I wonder if I should have kept because my illogical brain still thinks it needs them but my logical brain knows I would have never used them and I’m glad they are gone.

Let go of yesterday and make the best of the life you are living right now.

My vacuum recently disappeared so I had to buy a  new one.  I love my new vacuum!  It wasn’t expensive but it is exactly the kind of vacuum that I need right now.  I am a little addicted to using it but I have always liked to vacuum so that’s not much of a confession.  If my old vacuum hadn’t disappeared then I wouldn’t have bought a new one and I would be stuck with a big useless vacuum, wishing I had something better suited to my lifestyle.

I don’t see any reason to regret anything because no matter what happens in my life I will always make the best of it.

My daughter and I were listening to the Serial podcast today and she was telling me how sad it would be to go to jail for 15 years as an innocent person.  I said, “It would be horrible but you know what I would do if I went to jail?  I would read!  I would finally have time to get an education and write some books.”  Her eyes lit up and she said, “Can you do that in jail??”  I think she has dreams of endless hours of reading like I do.

I’m not sure how my brain went from getting rid of stuff to going to jail but there you go.  Keeping stuff you’re not using is like being in jail.  You aren’t progressing the way you could be because you have all this junk you have to worry about.  My life is overwhelmingly hard right now but most days it’s pretty simple.  We have our diet.  We have our studies.  We have our music.  We have our animals.  We have our walks.  We have our work.  We DON’T have a bunch of junk.  There is a lot of freedom in that.

Freedom “To Strive, To Seek, To Find”, Tennyson

I like that.

That answers the second question but I almost forgot about the first question.  When I got rid of most of my stuff I kept things that I love or that I KNEW I would use.

  • a few priceless keepsakes
  • a few sewing supplies that I still don’t use but maybe someday
  • my favorite clothes that don’t fit me anymore so it’s time for another purge
  • kitchen supplies that I use all day every day
  • our violins and music that we play every day
  • books that we read
  • dressers
  • a box of toys
  • and more

I kept way too much.

As my life changes I will need new things and I will get rid of old things.

Why fight it?

One thought on “Dear Jane – Regrets

  1. Dani

    Thanks Lara! This is exactly what I needed to hear. We don’t have a lot of stuff already, but I know we can still do without a lot more! Great to hear your perspective. I’m still working on the purge…


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