Give Yourself a Break Wonderwoman

You’re not as invincible as people think you are.  

Whenever I go a few days without writing, or a few months or a few years, I forget how.  I forget what to write about and I forget how to start.

Then today I remembered that my favorite thing to write about is always how dumb I am and how much I struggle to be organized and since I do something really dumb at least once a day I always have plenty to write about.

I played tennis this morning, came home, had lunch, worked on a project while I supervised my seven-year-old washing the dishes by hand because our dishwasher is broken, (Hallelujah! A new dish washer in the house!) and then my ten-year-old and I started practicing our violins.  We played and played until she realized that it was time for her violin lesson.

Not time to get ready for it or time to leave for it but time for it to actually start and considering it’s a 45 minute lesson and it would take us 45 minutes to get there I sadly called her teacher to tell her we wouldn’t make it.

The other sad thing is that we did the same thing last week, although we still went but we were fifteen minutes late.

And we did the same thing two weeks before that and were ten minutes late.

I know.  How dumb can I be??

Pretty dumb.

I don’t normally make a habit of being late for anything.  I hate being late and usually end up going everywhere early.  But for some reason we are having trouble with the timing of this violin lesson.

So I finally got smart and set a weekly timer on my phone.

That solves that problem.

But I was having trouble remembering that I am supposed to pick up my daughter’s violin at the school every week on my way home from tennis.

So I set a timer for that.

And I was also forgetting to take the yogurt out of the oven when I was supposed to.

So I set a timer for that.

What have we learned today?  When you are pathetic and you know you’re pathetic, give yourself a break and get help.

p.s.  When I called our teacher about being late she said the student after us had canceled so we still got to go to our lesson.

That’s another thing we have learned.  Sometimes you are really dumb and things still work out.  But if they don’t work out, don’t worry.  You can always try harder, and plan better and still do something just as dumb tomorrow.

The end.

One thought on “Give Yourself a Break Wonderwoman

  1. Dearwyn

    I love to be reminded that when we’re really doing our best at being human that we’re still going to be imperfect!!! Why do we so often expect this unobtainable perfection when we’re in such a learning phase? We’re practicing things in life and we get better at lots of things but we can’t have everything all at once. So THANKS for helping us all remember to just have patience with ourselves. I have a daughter who just goes with the flow, takes most things in stride, and gives herself a break! The queen of chill! I know she’ll have a happier life than almost anyone I know. I want to be more like her. And I LOVE to be around her!!!!


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