You Never Know Until You Try


I have been very slowly recovering from a three-year illness but the last two months, since we moved to the most beautiful place I have ever lived and I have invested more time into my health, I have noticed myself making huge improvements.


I have had to be so careful for so long not to over do anything for fear that I might get too worn out and have another set back like I have so many times.  I was starting to feel a little better last fall when we got an offer on our house and the packing and cleaning and stress of closing on the house set my recovery back another six months.

This time is different.  I am feeling stronger than ever before and so I have been wanting to do an experiment on myself.  I want to see what I can accomplish if I really push myself.

When my baby was born two years ago I made a goal to be able to do one pull-up by the time he was one.  It was his second birthday in September and I still couldn’t do one.

The other night I wondered if I really could do a pull-up and I just didn’t know it because I have been doing so many reverse pull-ups to build my strength.

So I tried it, without thinking for one second that I would actually be able to do it, and I pulled myself right up!!!

I was so happy I wanted to cry!!!

So I did.  I sat down and cried my eyes out for about sixty seconds and then I got back to work because this is just another beginning.

I have too much to do to waste another second.

I have three years to catch up on.

Plus the forty years before that where I was just too dumb to accomplish anything in life.

Who wants to have a push-up/pull-up contest with me?

Let’s see how much we can keep improving… In every area of life.

I have already failed to post every day in November and on the first day too!!  But I’m not giving up.  Let’s do this.


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