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Thank you so much for the comments on my last post. It really means a lot to me. I love to write and positive feedback makes it even more fun.  But no one asked me things that I can answer in ten minutes like, what time I wake up in the morning.  


That was easy.  That is the sort of question I can make time for.

How about a shopping list?

  • 56 pounds of Epsom salt
  • 1 jar of peanut butter

That might be a week’s worth of Epsom salt.  I’ll tell you what it’s for some time.

The peanut butter is for a special celebration treat.  A homemade yogurt, frozen banana, peanut butter, chocolate smoothie.  Which is the exact recipe to cure pregnancy morning sickness in case you were wondering.  And no I’m not pregnant in case you were wondering that as well.

We are going to start the GAPS diet all over again in a couple days so we won’t be eating any more fruit for a while and we were trying to figure out what we could have for a treat on Thanksgiving to make it feel special.


That’s what we came up with.



I worked really hard on my big life experiment this week.  Can I really get my life in order once and for all?  Will it ever feel like my life is in good order or will I always feel behind no matter what because life is an uphill journey?

I cleaned.  I unpacked books and filled boxes with clothes to give away.  I made some empty space in our house and it feels so good.  I’m looking for a lot more empty space in my life.

But organizing really has nothing to do with your stuff or your schedule.  It has everything to do with your habits.  Do you put things away after you use them?  Do you throw stuff away before it ever comes into your house?  What is your tolerance level for clutter?  If you can put up with it then you will never conquer it.


One of the highlights of our week was stopping by a cafe to listen to a local band.  Sometimes when you put a five dollar tip in their jar they give you their cd and then on the way home you get to talk about how a band can sound so great in person but that doesn’t mean you want to listen to their music over and over again when you get home.  Funny how that works.

Listening to live music does make you want to go home and practice your instruments even harder though.

Or give up altogether because you know you are never going to be good enough to play in a tiny cafe, handing out cd’s of your crappy songs.


I’ll get to the harder questions.  Just let me clear a little more space first.

I have a question for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while.  Who can guess which five musical instruments I play?  If you’re really clever you could list them in order of how well I play them from bad to worse.

What instruments do you play, how long, how well??

2 thoughts on “Smart Habits

  1. Angela Arnett Stone

    I didn’t reply last time but I’ve been a delighted reader since your lazy organizing pre minimalist days. I appreciate the opportunity to hear you “voice”. As I drove home tonight I was listening to a mark o’connor cd we bought after hearing him perform with the Idaho Falls symphony last night. It reminded me I needed to learn an instrument. I played the clarinet briefly in high school but always wanted to play piano. My two sons have half size cellos they are learning on but I probably won’t be able to learn on their’s until one gets into a 3/4 size. Then I thought I could learn violin because that is small and cheaper than a cello. Finally I remembered my in laws are moving across the street in a few months and I could practice on their grand piano. Plus that would ultimately benefit the kids and fulfill one of my hearts desires. So wait I will and when the time is right I will try learning it again.

  2. Vickie Gubler

    Guitar, ukulele, flute, piano, and cello. Those are my guesses for you. As for me- I play the piano and accordion. I know a few guitar chords. I’ve played the piano and accordion for over 50 years (gulp!). I’m a decent piano player and enjoy playing for people to sing. Oh- I also play the organ with the help of the automatic pre-sets.


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