Think to Think

As we were driving today one of my littles said it was interesting that you see billboards that tell about the people that are (supposedly) saved by modern medicine but you never see a billboard about the people that die.

I could not stop laughing.

Not because people are dying of course but because kids are so funny.  So funny when they think of things you never think to think.

This morning as my daughter and I were practicing our violins and playing a difficult double stop section, where you play two notes at the same time, I kept adjusting my notes to get them in tune when I finally realized she was the one out of tune.  I wonder how often we do that in life, making changes so we’re in tune with what everyone else is doing when really they are the ones that are off key.  My daughter has figured that out in orchestra.  If she wants to play anything right she has to stop listening to her stand partner or she’ll start down the rabbit hole.

Of course if you’re playing with someone better than you, by all means, do your best to fit in but I think too often we are trying to get in step with the wrong band.

We have started taking all our instruments to our “guitar” lesson.  Someone strums, someone picks, someone fiddles or someone sings and we all take turns.  Tonight our teacher got my daughter to improvise on the violin.  He is a magical musician because she could not make herself do it at first but he made it simpler and more comfortable until she finally gave in and made something up and then of course she was making up tunes all the way home and we were singing them to the words of some of the poems we know.

Music is magical.  I never get tired of listening to it or playing it or feeling excited every time I learn something new and get a little bit better.

Who knew, when we all started playing together a year and a half ago that we would stick with it and love it this much.  I wish we had started a long time ago.  Like 40 years ago.  But I didn’t know how to begin any sooner than we did and at least we’re doing it now.

I realized the other day that I can play five instruments but truthfully I know six because I also sing.

The order that I began learning them.

  1. voice – choir in high school
  2. violin – orchestra in 8th grade but I was terrible and never got to take lessons until last year
  3. piano – I took lessons for few months before I gave birth to my sixteen year old
  4. recorder – we all learned the recorder three years ago to see if we could actually play and practice an instrument before I invested in anything more expensive
  5. guitar – last month!
  6. ukulele – two weeks ago

Ordered from the chance that anyone would want to hear me play it.

  1. voice
  2. violin
  3. guitar
  4. ukulele
  5. recorder
  6. piano

The only thing I have ever been complimented on is my voice. Which is why I am learning the guitar…so I can play while I sing…to my children, who are my biggest fans and the only reason I started this musical journey in the first place.

Thank you for forcing me into this my sweet things.


Thank you



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