Stop Exercising and Start Moving


Did you know exercising isn’t great for you?  Have you ever noticed that just about everything modern society has been telling you your whole life isn’t really good for you?

I used to live at the gym because it was the most brainless way for me to exercise.  Drive to the gym, childcare included, sweat, go home.  Done.

Turns out that isn’t such a good idea but I already  knew that 6 years ago when I quit doing it.  I knew there had to be a better way to fit health into my lifestyle.  It’s too bad it took me another 5 years to find a better way but now here we are with a much healthier way to live.  It’s called Get Out Of Your Chair and Move.  All Day Long.

Thank you Katy Bowman!

Getting out of the chair is hard and since I’m lazy I had to make it easier so what do you think I did?

I got rid of the chairs.

Yes, of course I did.  If it’s good enough for Katy, one of the coolest people on the planet, then it’s good enough for us.  It wasn’t difficult because our couches were ready for the burn pile so after they went up in smoke I just didn’t get new ones.  We still have a few chairs in the house of course, we have to have somewhere for sick people to sit that can’t get to the floor, but we don’t really use them.  (I really need to ask my grammar daughter if that sentence is correct in any way.)

Luckily my bed disappeared so now I sleep on the floor.  Did you know that sleeping on the floor is like an 8 hour workout every night?  Try it and see how you feel in the morning.  If you are too sick to sleep on the floor (no, you’re not old, you’re sick) then you should work on it gradually.  I love that I feel good enough to sleep on the floor because it means I’m six years old again and can sleep anywhere.  The airport, a taxi, the Thriller show…  I was really, really tired ok and i only slept through one number. OK?? Thriller was awesome and I’ll never sleep through it again, I promise.

I’ve been playing on the monkey bars but it wasn’t until I put monkey bars in my house that I really started making progress.  When I started two years ago I couldn’t even hang and lift my feet off the ground.  Crazy.  So I worked on that.  Then I worked on a one arm hang, my right arm could do it but my left arm couldn’t.  Then I worked on a pull-up and now I’m working on better and more pull-ups.  Can you believe I can climb trees?  I might bloody my hands getting down but still cool!

I’ve been stretching and rolling.  I have fixed the chronic pain in my wrists, hands, fingers, feet, back, right hip and I’m still working on my neck.  I had been working on my hip, that has hurt since I gave birth to my 18-year-old, for a year and it wasn’t improving at all.  I was beginning to lose hope until last winter I started doing Katy’s ALIGNMENT SNACK: HIPS DON’T LIE – THEY SIT, over and over again.  Then I stretched my hips for two hours while I was on a conference call.  By the end of the call I felt a pop in my hip, it opened right up and it’s been good ever since.  Amazing!!!  I think I saved myself a hip replacement twenty years from now.

I’ve been wearing minimalist shoes which has improved the strength and flexibility of my feet.  Look for flexible, no heel, wide toe shoes.  Don’t wear flip-flops!  Check out to learn more about healthy shoes.

I’ve been walking and walking which I used to think was for wimps.  If you’re not sweating what good is it right?  No.  Apparently walking is the way to go, as long as you are walking correctly and 3-10 miles a day is a good amount.

I have learned to stand, to walk, to sit, to squat. The right way.  From Katy of course.

What’s the wrong way?

The way you’re doing it.  The way modern chairs and beds and shoes and clothes and flat surfaces and computers taught us.

All wrong.

You know you can’t get any younger but you can get healthier.

You can feel like a six-year-old again, only better because you can climb taller trees.

All you have to do is stop exercising and start moving.

2 thoughts on “Stop Exercising and Start Moving

  1. Megan

    I bought some minimalist Mary Janes for myself and my two daughters after reading Katy’s post about children ‘s footwear (I was horrified–my 6-year old had been wearing heels for months). We got them from Soft Star Shoes on-line. I’ve been wearing them daily (even for long walks and hikes and a few runs) for over three months, and my feet are so happy! Can’t fit my feet in any of my old shoes, and I’m not sure what I’ll do once the snow hits. I don’t know if I can give up my pillows and bed, though! And chairs and couches–this is fascinating. Where do you cozy up for reading with/to your kids? How do you cope with exhaustion?

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