Get Over It and Get On With It

8:56 p.m.  I just want to crawl into my warm bed and go to sleep.

I had my weekly tennis league this morning.

Got the dirty kitten footprints washed off my car so I could drive home in the rain and they could walk all over my car again as soon as I pulled in.  That warm engine is irresistible.

I rushed home for lunch.

Practiced violin with my daughter before her lesson.  Apparently we forgot to do our shifting exercises this week so we had to cram.

Ran to the lesson.  Of course our teacher forgot to have us play the shifting exercises but who cares because we are awesome at them now and we’ll do more this week anyway.

Groceries. A cabbage, a turnip, a cauliflower, a can of tomatoes.  Seriously.  That’s what shopping looks like when you raise most of your own food.

Home for dinner.

Then I thought I would be sociable and go to a neighborhood book club.  Of course I didn’t read the book.  Are you kidding me?  I don’t have time to read my children’s books let alone mine or anyone else’s.

So now I want to pass out but the dishes haven’t been done.  A five year old tornado hit the bathroom while I was at book club.

And I haven’t practiced my beautiful guitar yet.  I have to get my hands on that guitar.


I keep thinking about blogging.  Not writing articles but just writing about daily life like the painfully boring daily vlogs I’ve looked at.  Who watches that stuff?  You can’t have a life and watch that stuff.  So if you don’t have a life and you want to read my daily blog be my guest.  I’ll try to make it short for readers that do have a life.

Besides you are going to waste a certain percentage of your day no matter what anyway.  We all do.  So if you want to waste it with me who am I to judge.  🙂

We ordered an electric cream separator because skimming cream isn’t our favorite job and we lose a lot of cream doing it by hand.  Did you know they don’t have the same plugs in Russia that we do here?  Amazon reviewers, you really let us down.  Because of the holidays we’ll be waiting another two weeks for the adaptor assuming we ordered the right one.

I wrote a blog while I waited for a podcast to download.  The latest from Katy Says.  What am I doing blogging?  Isn’t that what twitter and snapchat are for?

My 15 year old moved another ton of hay today.  After we paid guys to deliver all the winter hay and help her unload it she was told that it all had to be moved.  All by herself because we don’t want to pay for more help even if we could find someone to do it so she is all she’s got.  She was seriously depressed for about a day and a half and then she decided to get over it.

So twice a day when she goes to milk her animals she moves hay and she comes home excited that she got that much more done.  She has another week to get it all moved. She’s strong. She’ll be fine. She always is.

That’s what I tell myself. 

One thought on “Get Over It and Get On With It

  1. Vickie Gubler

    Haha- yes, I have a life- and reading is part of it. So if your blog uplifts me, makes me smile, helps me feel empathy, or even shows me a different way of life- then it’s not wasting my time. So blog away!


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