Farm Girl

She is motivated. She never runs out of energy. She never stops learning new things. She works harder than anyone I have ever met. She is amazing.

She can start a farm.

She can buy goats, build a milk stanchion in one day and figure out how to milk them.

She can buy a cow, halter train her and milk her.

She can raise a chicken from an egg, kill it, clean it and serve it for dinner.

How did I raise a girl like this? I’m not exactly sure but if I could figure it out and sell it I would be a billionaire.

Once again we found ourselves in a difficult situation.  She raised over a hundred chickens this summer but when it came time to process them she couldn’t find anyone to do it.  Apparently it is illegal for someone to process someone else’s chickens, once again the government making it impossible for people to live normal lives.

After many phone calls she found someone that would rent her all the equipment and deliver it. Two amazing friends showed up to help and they were able to get them all done in a day and a half.

I tried to help.  I really did.  I get sick to my stomach if anyone even talks about blood but I have done so many things I never thought I could do.  Surely I could clean a little chicken!

Nope. It turns out that I can’t.  I was completely useless except for buying ice and holding the bags to put the chickens in. Even my ten year old was tougher than me and helped with the entire process.

Go girls!!!

We now have a freezer full of chickens thanks to all their hard work.

And my fifteen year old is onto her next big project.

This will be fun to watch.


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