Love Your Guts

It’s amazing how easy it is to get off track.

I don’t blame myself. Life happens and it’s like fighting a wave to stay on course. Not that I know anything about waves because I grew up in Utah. But there was that one time we were visiting Oregon, and as my children watched from our condo window, a man, that unfortunately had his back turned to the ocean during a storm, was attacked by a wave and almost drug out to sea. They will never forget that.

You have your back turned and you’re doing your thing when suddenly your feet get knocked out from under you.

If you don’t get drug out to sea you pick yourself up, dry yourself off and then you bring your friends back to see the place where you almost died and somehow didn’t.

My entire life is a process of starting over.

Again and again and again.

We were doing so good on the GAPS diet but then things went horribly wrong. For many reasons. One being that we added the juicing phase of the diet and it was too much sugar for our systems to tolerate.

Then there were the nuts and the raw veggies and the whole fruit. We were on a downward spiral. There may have even been some Halloween candy involved.

So we’re starting back at the beginning and hopefully we can go slow enough this time that we can get through this diet.

Of course getting through this diet doesn’t mean we will start eating junk food. It means our guts will be healed and we will be able to eat all kinds of healthy foods again including raw vegetables, raw fruit and raw uncultured dairy products. Most importantly it means we will eat sourdough bread and other fermented grains.

That’s our dream. To have some kind of a normal life again where we can eat things like lettuce without ending up in the emergency room.

Dang if I’m going to let a raw carrot beat me!

I keep saying we are going to start over but then I haven’t done it yet.

Kind of like I kept talking about starting the diet the first time and everyone that knew me got sick to death of me saying I was going to do it when they knew I never would and then one day I suddenly did.

So shut up. I am going to do this. We all know I can and I will.

I just have to somehow get up the nerve because it’s not easy and there was all that pain and suffering the first time we did it. I don’t think it will be as bad this time but you never know.

I think I can.

Hold your breath.

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