Organizing Jewelry

I did a fun project the other day and it reminded me of the good old days when I used to blog about organizing.  

I like having my jewelry in bags so I can quickly grab what I need and throw it in my purse without everything getting tangled and scratched.

I was using tiny plastic baggies that were a pain to open and close so I went to the dollar store and bought a stack of little organza bags. I think they were 5 for $1. They are pretty and easy to use.

One of my rules with jewelry and accessories is that if my children  choose to wear something they have to keep wearing it until they can get home and put it away because I can barely manage to keep track of my own stuff let alone everyone else’s. Sometimes they would want to take things off in the middle of an outing and they would end up lost so we don’t do that anymore.

It saves us a lot of heartache. Heartache that I experienced a lot growing up because I couldn’t keep track of anything.

What have you organized lately?



One thought on “Organizing Jewelry

  1. Dearwyn

    Love that idea! Practical because you can SEE every thing, yet pretty because organza is quite “fairy like”. And SO easy to open and close. With removing jewelry for sports it makes sense to keep a couple of these little bags in your gym bag because too many items are lost that way in our family! Thank you!
    I have always loved your ideas with see through clear zippered bags. I put all our headlamps for backpacking or hiking or raking leaves after the sun goes down, into one of those bags and then place it into a clear plastic tub in our coat closet with other things we need access to quite often. I have a bag for i.e. all MY device charging chords so I know where they are with a list of what goes inside written in the see through pocket on the outside. I put the knit stretchy dollar black gloves similarly into the tub in the coat closet. They basically fit all sizes and are fine for all genders! Easy to grab for walks.
    I also love what you have taught about putting i.e. all your baking things like salt, soda, vanilla etc into a plastic tub so you can retrieve it all at once and put it back all at once. So much easier.
    Your ideas really help in basic every day life. So many things can be grouped this way. Thank you so much for sharing!


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