I Told You So

We finally started the GAPS diet over again. See?? I told you we would! It just took longer than I thought because I was so scared to do it. 

It was hard for a day and a half and then I was fine. I’m so dumb.

This diet is hard because of the physical labor involved but it’s not difficult to stay on. After the first few days the cravings go away and I feel so much better that I don’t really want to eat anything I’m not supposed to. I can walk through a grocery store and see all the sweets and treats without having a panic attack. I can go to social events and never be tempted to put something in my mouth.

And when I say I’m not tempted I mean it. It takes absolutely no will power to say no to those foods that were making me so sick.

The reason it’s so easy is because the food we eat is delicious and we can eat as much as we want so we are never hungry. Even so I lost five pounds in the first three days but that always happens when I stop eating sugar.

Have you ever wanted to lose a few pounds? Or a lot of pounds?

Have you ever wanted to live your life without food cravings and addictions?

Do you have mysterious health problems that plague you?

This diet can make all of that disappear. The weight…the cravings…the health problems…

Let’s say you don’t want to follow the GAPS diet exactly but you want to make some small changes to your diet and health.

The first and easiest thing I would tell you is to start adding as much fat to your food as possible.

Add the highest quality cream, sour cream, coconut oil and butter you can find, to everything you eat.

Scramble a couple eggs with two tablespoons of sour cream.

Add sour cream or butter to soups.

Add cream to your coffee. A lot.

Dip raw vegetables in sour cream.

Put half and half on your morning cereal.

Make your own salad dressings with sour cream or olive oil and drench your salads with it.

Put an inch of butter on your bread.

This is the opposite of what I was taught my whole life but I promise it works.

Sugar makes you fat but you can’t get fat from eating fat. It’s too filling and it’s so good for you. 

If you do eat sugar eat it with fat to minimize the damage. You will eat less and you won’t get so sick from the sugar highs and lows. I used to be hypoglycemic but I’m not anymore.

I could eat candy all day long and blow up like a balloon but I could never eat more than one piece of cheesecake. It’s too filling!

Sugar makes me sick but fat makes me satisfied.

The more fat you eat the less sugar you will naturally eat.

I dare you to add more fat to your diet and see how fast you will lose weight and how good you will feel. You’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked right?

Try this!



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