16 Year Olds Don’t Start Farms

“You’re starting your career at sixteen and my son is learning how to put the cap back on the toothpaste.”

“Well, I’m still learning that too.”

My daughter has been taking care of a neighbor’s animals this week, along with her own. I keep thinking she is going to get tired of all these tiresome animals, but she keeps asking for more.

Last summer I bought her three milking goats. She likes goats and we like the milk so it was a good deal for all of us. I asked her over and over again if she was really sure she wanted to milk goats twice a day. Forever. Really, really…

She said she was sure. I wasn’t sure, but I bought the goats anyway. It wasn’t because I didn’t think she could take care of them because I knew she could. I just wasn’t sure she knew what she was getting herself into. Of course she didn’t! You can’t know what you’re getting yourself into until you get yourself into it. At the very least the goats would be a good learning experience for her. Learning what not to do.

The funny thing is that she didn’t get tired of milking the goats or taking care of them. She did get a little tired of the escape artists, but not of the work, so she started asking for a cow. Cows don’t stink like goats and cows can’t open a gate and walk right out of their pen like a goat can. So I bought her a cow. Sweet Josie the jersey.

Josie came from a dairy farm where she was machine milked so Kate spent a lot of time following her around the field milking her, until Jocie learned to come to the barn and stand still when it was time to milk. Josie has been a good cow but Kate soon realized that even though goats have their issues, they are a lot cleaner than cows and maybe they are worth the extra trouble of keeping them hostage. The rest of us like the goat milk better, but the cow is nice for the cream and butter, so we’re very lucky she has both.

Kate continues to work her heart out taking care of them along with her laying hens and her rabbits. When is this girl going to learn that sixteen year olds aren’t supposed to start farms?? That’s what people keep asking me.

Apparently never because she has decided she wants a bigger dairy farm. She is looking at property and writing a business plan so she can raise the money to pay for all of it, and she plans to break ground this year.

She is also busy with her studies, and tennis, and I have finally talked her into going salsa dancing with me. The other day she was moping around the house because she was feeling depressed about all the things she wants to do but doesn’t have time for. She has the same disease I have. She eventually decided to just keep working on her list until everything gets checked off in about ninety years.

Don’t try to stop her because others have tried and failed.

She can’t be stopped.

I keep telling her she should blog about all the fun things she is doing but she is too serious and busy with her projects. I guess I’ll have to blog for her because as we all know, I have nothing better to do.

P.S. When she tells you her name is Kate, could you please not call her Katie? Because she really isn’t a Katie. She’s my Kate and I don’t like sharing her but I guess she is too old to keep to myself any longer. I will learn to share.

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  1. Melanie L

    Way to go Kate! It’s so fun to hear about your life and kids. I’m glad you blog about your daily life- it is awesome and inspiring. We love you guys! – Melanie L.


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