Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Illiterate

imageI’ve been blogging long enough to know that…

Anything I write is going to sound stupid. If not today then tomorrow or next month or next year. 

I read stuff I wrote ten years ago and I sound like a complete, embarrassing idiot. That’s fine because if I’m not smarter today then I was ten years ago I would be worried but the problem is that I’m still really dumb. Especially if you ask my daughter who is too busy to learn how to spell but she knows how to use a comma.

People don’t want the truth.  

Sometimes I think I am too pathetic and my life is too depressing to be writing about but then when I don’t write about the depressing stuff I regret it later because I want to get it all recorded. The good times and the bad. 

I really do want to look back and laugh at how stupid I used to be, or how sick I was, otherwise how will I know how much better my life is today than it was yesterday?  As humiliating as it is I like to see that I am making at least a little progress.

Can I do that? Can I mess up and learn and talk about it and just be human?

I don’t know.

People don’t really want to see human. Why else would Facebook be so wildly popular? I have a friend on there that posts real stuff…his real feelings, heaven forbid…and people are always giving him a hard time. Please! I don’t want to listen to non-stop whining but I like realness.

No one wants my opinion. 

I know that. I really do. But for some reason I still like to share my opinion. I have learned not to share it nearly as much as I used to but if people don’t want to read my blog they don’t have to so why not over-share here? 

Yes, why not.

Because people will think you’re crazy if you have a different idea from them. People get so offended when you don’t agree with them 100%. I think about too many things and I try too many things and I fail too many times. In the end I still know nothing but let me tell you all about it. 

No one has time to read anymore. 

I haven’t completely given up hope that I will someday have time to sit down and read a real book but for now my education consists of listening to podcasts and Youtube videos when I’m walking or driving in the car. I know I’m not alone and yet I’ve learned some very cool stuff these last three years. Unbelievably interesting, useful, life changing stuff.

I don’t even read blogs anymore so why am I writing one? Luckily one of the things I’ve finally figured out is how to write short posts. I used to try to say it all in one article but I say the same things over and over again anyway so if I leave something out I’ll get to it the next time around.

There is nothing left to write about. 

My stories are designed to make me look stupid but other people still get so offended. I have never been able to figure that out. So what is left? Farm posts? How many pictures of adorable baby bunnies should one person Instagram??

I seriously messed up. I should be writing with a pen name like that Seriously So Blessed girl. Do you remember that girl? She was hysterical. I could be telling some interesting stories if I could write anonymously . 


6 thoughts on “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Illiterate

  1. Angela Arnett Stone

    Well, I’ve been around since the lazy days and while there are very few blogs left that I take time to read – yours is a voice I still respect and enjoy listening to. You’re imperfect, flawed, trying, failing, and trying again. Keep at it as you feel it benefits you. I’m blessed for it.

  2. Vickie

    Some of us have time to read- and I enjoy reading your blog. I hope I’m past the point where I think everyone has to agree with me on everything. I like different viewpoints so if you continue to blog, I’ll continue to read!

  3. karenjonesgowen

    The great things about blogs is that people want real on a blog post. Facebook? No. It’s too short to go into detail about real life but a blog is perfect for it. And yes, if someone doesn’t like it they won’t read. Yours is one of the very few I’ve actually subscribed to. Three actually. One is my daughter, one is a really informative writer blog and the others is yours. I’m pretty picky about what comes to my email. Keep writing!!!


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