Are you a sugar addict or are you an alcoholic?

You know how I said I finally started the GAPS diet again last month? Well here’s what happened…

I was afraid to start with phase I where you eat almost nothing but broth, raw egg yolks and yogurt. I told myself that I didn’t need to. If I just went back to phase II I would be fine. On phase two we can eat all the cooked vegetables we want, butter instead of only ghee, roasted meat instead of only boiled, avocados, cooked eggs instead of only raw yolks. Phase II is strict enough and I did really well on phase II the first time. I really thought that was a good idea but it turns out that it wasn’t good enough. After a few days I was struggling again with sugar cravings.

I finally stopped fighting it and started over with phase I and I am doing so much better. I can go in a grocery store and not only not have a panic attack but I don’t even see the food I’m not supposed to eat. I realized that one day after I left a grocery store. For a few months I couldn’t walk into a store without wanting all the junk food in it and now I don’t even notice it’s there. It’s so strange how a sugar addiction can control your brain.

I have read and heard that a sugar addiction is just as bad or worse than an alcohol or drug addiction. I have never been a drinker so I can’t say if that is true but I do know that a sugar addiction is difficult, and from my experience even impossible, to overcome. Yet. I’m really hoping this diet is the answer for me. It’s has made drastic improvements in my life but it could take years to fully recover so we’ll see.

And to the recovering alcohol I spoke to years ago who told me that alcohol addiction is a disease and I argued and said it wasn’t, I’m sorry. I said that it wasn’t like cancer or a disease you couldn’t prevent. Obviously alcoholics are choosing their addiction because they are choosing to drink alcohol. I’m sorry I was so ignorant. Alcoholism is a disease. Alcohol addiction is not something you choose by drinking alcohol. Millions of people drink alcohol and never become addicted to it. I didn’t choose my sugar addiction. Millions of people eat sugar and never become addicted to it.

But many people do. And from what I’ve read, if your body is full of candida and you have a sugar addiction you are literally an alcoholic because the yeast eats the sugar and produces alcohol in your gut. (No wonder I feel so good when I eat brownies!!) If you don’t think it’s true just ask my daughter who couldn’t lift her head off her pillow for three days when we first started the GAPS diet. She thought she was going to die from the withdrawals. I’ve also read that if treatment centers can get a recovering alcoholic off of sugar at the same time they stop drinking they have a much higher success rate of staying off alcohol.

My children have been doing great on phase II but there are a couple of them that are still having sugar cravings so I am going to have them go back to phase I also. I had to do it for myself first so I had the strength to take care of them when they do it. It hasn’t been anything like the first time I did it though. This time instead of being deathly ill for a month I only felt a little ill the first two days and then I was fine.

Now I can sit next to someone eating a brownie and not rip it out of their hand and stuff it in my mouth. Not that I have ever done that. I just wanted to. Now I can get up and walk across the room without severe pain. Now I am sleeping better at night. Now the stressful things in life don’t seem so stressful.

It feels good to almost be myself again.

4 thoughts on “Are you a sugar addict or are you an alcoholic?

  1. Amber Sharipov

    Thank you for your posts! I really feel like we need to do this, but it just seems so intimidating-I home school my 5 children, so I just struggle with how to find the time! But then I think, how can i not find the time?! It’s our health, and I know that at least 2 of my daughters are addicted to sugar:( , and another has severe food allergies/eczema/asthma. Would you suggest I completely research and prepare, and then try it when we take our summer break from school? I just don’t know how to start!

    1. Lara Post author

      Amber, I’m sure this diet would be good for all of you. I just can’t recommend it because it is so difficult! If you need it then you should do it for yourself first. Once you are feeling better you could put your children on it. Just start learning to make one thing at a time and add it to your diet. Fermented veggies, yogurt, bone broth, etc. Pretty soon you’ll have it down but finding the time to make everything from scratch is difficult. You will definitely need help but maybe your children can help with the cooking?

  2. Cherie

    Yay for walking across the room without severe pain. That was my clue that I really shouldn’t be eating dairy anymore. Pain is motivating. And sugar is evil.


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