Healing Cavities

Have I ever mentioned that you can heal tooth decay by following the GAPS diet and taking cod liver oil? This isn’t information that they hand out at your dentist’s office for some reason.

It sounds too good to be true but I have many friends that have done it.

I met a new GAPS friend today that was so sick that her teeth were rotting away. Once she started GAPS and the cod liver oil she healed seventeen cavities in a month. Seventeen!! I wish I had known all of this before I had all my fillings and root canals and crowns.


I ate ice cream again last night. You know it always makes logical sense at the time I’m eating something I shouldn’t. It’s the next day when I am tired and grumpy and my body aches, that I wonder why I am such an idiot. But did that stop me from wanting more sugar today?

Actually it did.

I woke up this morning craving sugar. I thought I should eat it just ONE more time before I stopped. Just one! Then my daughter called. She was taking a friend to the airport and they were almost there when he realized he left one of his bags at his house. I dropped everything to break into his house, drive forty five minutes and meet them halfway there with the bag. Luckily I had my little boy with me or I definitely would have stopped to buy donuts on the way home. I’m serious.

Once I got home there was work to do and then things started going downhill. By 2:00 I didn’t think I could survive the stress another minute without sugar and I was all set to have it but for some reason I talked myself into getting in the bathtub instead. And instead of going out to dinner with friends tonight I stayed home to go to bed.

Today I wanted to feel good more than I wanted the sugar.

Today the lies I told myself didn’t sound so logical. I didn’t believe eating it just one more time wouldn’t kill me. I thought it just might.

Give me one more day off sugar and I will be feeling better again. I’ll lose a couple pounds. I’ll be happier. I won’t feel so fragile and you will like me more.

But can I survive one more day?

Have I ever mentioned that this diet is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do in my life?

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