Do Your DNA a Favor

Because our DNA is so important I would like to suggest that we think a little harder and plan a little better before we create more of it. I’m the perfect example of someone that didn’t think before they had children. I was taught that my greatest purpose in life was to get married and start having babies but I wasn’t actually taught how to take care of those babies. I wasn’t taught that you have to be healthy in order to have healthy babies and I didn’t realize how sick I was when I started having children. No one explained to me how difficult it would be, as a sick mother, to raise sick children.

How many people do you know that have children with health and behavioral problems? I know this is a new concept for most people but they were not “supposed” to be born that way. Nature didn’t accidentally go wrong. Most health problems are caused by nutritional deficiencies that are preventable. My unscientific opinion is that most people in America do not eat healthy enough to produce healthy children. Some couples are so sick that they can’t even reproduce and yet they persist in using medical technology to have children. Does this sound like a bad idea to anyone else or just me?

For goodness sake, don’t blame yourself! It wasn’t my fault I was born with less than perfect health and it’s not my fault I gave birth to six children with even worse health. I didn’t know any better! Now that I do, I am doing everything in my power to give my children a better chance in life but it is a long and difficult road.

If you are considering having children please do them a favor and get as healthy as possible first. Obviously if you have big health problems you shouldn’t even think about getting pregnant but you should also be looking at the little things. Do you have cavities? Do you have depression or anxiety? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you have food or seasonal allergies? These are all symptoms of bigger health problems that can and should be addressed before you consider reproducing.

For some reason we take good health for granted even though Americans are getting sicker and sicker all the time and it’s difficult to comprehend but there are still people out there that think doctors and pills can fix everything. Crazy!

Primitive societies knew how to consume an ideal diet and produce healthy children. The knowledge is out there. I highly recommend reading Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan, and about five hundred other books about health and pregnancy, at least five years before you think you want to have children so your children will be happy, and beautiful and have the best chance in life. It is required reading at my house.

If you are unwilling to change your lifestyle choices for your own sake do it for your children’s and future children’s sake. If you don’t do it now their health problems will force you to change and it will be a lot harder to fix the problem you created than to simply prevent it.

You will never have more time than now.

It will never be easier than now.

You have NOTHING better to do.

Believe it.

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