It’s Not About the Stuff

I listened to a James Altucher podcast today where he talked about his latest minimal living project. He was living in a house with his wife last year when they decided to get rid of most of what they own in order to simplify.

I’m all about simplifying when I’m not busy making my life more complicated.

It’s a fine line we walk. Do you have enough but not too much? Are you busy enough to keep life interesting but not so busy that you can’t deal with the stress?

My sixteen year old runs a small dairy farm by herself, does her studies and has just started another business and signed herself up for college. She obviously has more energy than I do.

James and his wife separated last fall so he got rid of his house and the rest of his stuff and he’s been living with various friends ever since.

It made me think of this post I wrote last year. Starting Over

Do not try this at home.

Unless you have to.

Don’t sell all your stuff and start traveling.

Unless you can’t think of anything better to do.

Because it’s not about the traveling and it’s not about the stuff.

People are in debt and they can’t afford the lives they are trying to live. They have too much stuff and too much technology and too many goals and too much food and it’s all too much and they’re miserable. So they get rid of it and run away and maybe you have to do that because you are too lost to do anything else but it doesn’t really fix anything.

Owning a passport doesn’t make your bad habits disappear. If you’re a miserable person it doesn’t matter what continent you’re living on. It doesn’t matter if you own four shirts or forty.

My daughter said she wished she had a magic wand so she could fix some bad choices she made. I told her she already has a magic wand.

It’s called education and it fixes everything.

Start using it.

Change your mind. Change your habits. Change your life.


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