Just Shut Up About the Diet

I’m pretty sure my new high fat diet is working because I feel horrible. 

Most drastic changes in nutrition for the better will cause detox or die off reactions and you can get really sick. When I started the GAPS diet a year and a half ago I was so sick, it was a month before I could walk around the block again.

It’s completely worth it for the long term gain in health and you can gradually change your diet to slow the die off but I always want fast results so I suffer in the beginning.


The other way I know my diet is working is that I have lost fifteen pounds in the last week and a half. Yes, I lost 15 pounds in ten days. I’m so tall that you would never know it but I’m down a size  and all my cute clothes fit me again. That always feels great.

I almost don’t know anyone that doesn’t want to lose at least a few pounds. Don’t waste another year trying to lose weight when it is so fast and easy. Stop eating carbs and start eating healthy fat.

I just rendered six quarts of lard to use for cooking and I even found a recipe for making lotion with it that I want to try. Last night my children ate eggs and pork cracklins for dinner and they loved it.

I also wanted to tell you that it’s not difficult to sneak amazingly healthy raw egg yolks into your foods. We use a wire strainer to add them to soups and juices so you never get the slimy egg whites and egg yolks have absolutely no flavor when they are raw so you won’t even know they are there except for the color.

Raise your hand if you think all of this sounds crazy. I know it is difficult for our generation to embrace fats, but we need to if we are going to beat the obesity epidemic in our county and what would it hurt to try it? Now that I have told you the secret to instant weight lose you have only yourself to blame if you don’t at least try it for one week and see what happens.  🙂

It’s really not difficult once you start. I won’t lie and say starting isn’t hard because you are so addicted to carbs that it might be the hardest thing you have ever done but it is only a little painful the first couple days and then it is so easy. You will have ZERO sugar cravings.

If it is too hard to start then try doing it for one meal a day, preferably breakfast. Eat fried eggs cooked in lard or butter and some fried ham or bacon. You will feel better the rest of the day. Next week skip the carbs for two meals a day and then three and you’re golden!

Oh, I should probably tell you that if you have trouble digesting fats, which some people do, you can take a Betaine supplement that will help.

As always…I’m not a doctor so don’t listen to a thing I say. Take charge of your health and do your own research.

Tomorrow I will talk about something besides stupid diets. I’ll talk about hats or the weather or…I know! I’ll talk about music! We never get sick of that topic. Or you could ask me a question about something else and I will pretend to answer it.

Happy Monday!

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