If You Can’t Be Good, Be Cute

You know how when you see someone do something awesome and it makes you want to do it too except you don’t know how so you try it and you’re terrible but you keep trying and you keep being terrible?

That is a long and difficult stage to get past.

How are you supposed to ever get good at anything if it takes years of study and practice and humiliation?

You just have to be willing to put up with the years of study and practice and humiliation.

Children are lucky. No one cares what they sound like because of their cuteness. By the time the cuteness dims a little they will have enough years practice that they will be really good.

I’m constantly looking for opportunities for them to perform. They are super motivated to practice when they know they have a performance coming up and obviously the more they do it the easier it gets. We’ve played at nursing homes, fairs, jams, gigs, open mics, farmer’s markets, funerals, etc. Just don’t ask us to play if we know you because that would be embarrassing.

But if you are a complete stranger having a birthday party at the park “we” will walk right up to you and ask if you want us to play for your party and how could you possibly say no? You can’t.

Nothing embarrassing about that.


Especially when you are blindingly cute.

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