Little Miss Brownie

My daughter and I just got home from a presentation for her chamber orchestra group. The Fry Street Quartet played for us and talked about how to get the most out of a quartet rehearsal. They are amazingly talented and fascinating. I would have loved to ask them questions all night.

When we got home we couldn’t resist practicing for a minute and we worked on a new fiddle song. In the middle of it my daughter got distracted and started playing a completely different tune and we discovered that the two songs sounded great together. What a fortunate accident!

A couple different times tonight someone mentioned how lucky it was that the Fry Street Quartet gets to play their instruments for a living. There aren’t a lot of full time jobs out there for musicians. But why? If you are intelligent and work hard I don’t see why you couldn’t make a living doing anything you want to do.

People love music, especially live music, and they will obviously pay for it when it’s good. Why isn’t there a band playing in every bar, restaurant, and coffee shop in America? Why isn’t there live music at every birthday party, wedding and funeral? There are a million opportunities for musicians. If you can’t find them, make them.

Jewel tried to make a living singing when musicians had to pay just to play in a coffee shop. She found a coffee shop that was struggling and made a deal with them that she would bring in customers if she could play there. She handed out fliers, found her own audience and made her own opportunities.

Tonight my daughter asked me if I thought she could make a living with her music. I said there was no reason she couldn’t if she decided that was what she really wanted to do and she worked hard.

She said she has already decided.

This summer she spent a month selling brownies and bread and bought an awesome guitar with the $500 she earned.

She’s only eleven and will likely take a lot of different paths in life but she is learning some amazing things and it’s the learning that makes life interesting.

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