Boring Enough to Put You to Sleep

You might be a mother when you think ironing and listening to a podcast without being interrupted 5,000 times is a vacation. 

I had the afternoon off and I tried really hard not to clean but…

I cleaned.

I did a couple loads of laundry.

I’m kind of obsessive about the clothes so I washed them, hung them to dry, ironed the things that needed ironing and put it all away. That’s how I do it. Every time.

I organized some papers and threw a bunch away.

Throwing stuff away is my favorite thing to do.

I washed and vacuumed the car. Again.

I’ve also become a little obsessive about my car this last year because, for the first time in my life, I can drive a clean car if I feel like it. And I feel like it.

I had leftover salad for lunch and I had broth for dinner because why bother cooking when the monkeys are gone?

I ordered some homeschool curriculum and supplies.

It’s going to be like Christmas when they arrive. It’s really going to be better than Christmas because they are things we actually want that are arriving when we actually need them and Christmas is the complete opposite of that. We should talk more about Christmas since it’s coming up shortly.

I went for a walk.

I didn’t have to listen to anyone complain. Not even myself. (I must be feeling a little better since starting the new stupid diet.) This is the walk that is supposed to happen every day and almost never does. It’s the walk that should be at the top of my list and constantly gets pushed off the list completely. I know how to get important things done and nothing is more important than my health so why do I never walk? That’s a good question.

I took a bath.

Because I never shower. Never.  Baths have always seemed like a waste of time to me but i spent a lot of time in the bathtub the first couple years of my illness and at one point I just decided I might never take another shower. So I haven’t.

I practiced my guitar.

I play the guitar!! I finally feel like I can say that because my fingers usually do what I want them to do now and I can get through entire songs without fighting with them or even looking at them. The last couple weeks I’ve been learning The Little Brown Dog and the Little Green Frog with my daughter. She plays it on the ukulele, I play it on the guitar and we both sing. It’s so cute.

You might be a mother when all the songs you know are about cute little things like birds and bunnies and frogs.

And I just fell asleep for a second so I guess it’s time to stop rambling and go to bed.

Speaking of rambling Sleep With Me is my new favorite podcast. It puts me to sleep in seconds.


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