Random Technology Tips

Save Your Battery Life

Would you like to know how to make your cell phone battery last all day? I did!

#1 Turn your phone off. Duh.

#2 Leave your phone on but stop using it. Yes, that helps too.

#3 Close all your apps. On an Iphone, double click the home button and then swipe up on each app to close it.

#4 Turn on low power mode. Most people don’t know that you can do this. On an Iphone, go to your settings > battery > low power mode. Easy! You will have to manually update some of your apps since they won’t update automatically in low power mode.

#5 Turn on airplane mode.

#6 Turn down your screen brightness and use a black screen for apps whenever possible.

I’ve read that keeping your battery charged between 20% and 80% keeps it from wearing out quickly so it will stay charged longer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn the keyboard shortcuts for the programs you use and use your mouse as little as possible. You will save so much time! It helps to print out a list. Many programs have similar shortcuts but I’m still trying to learn all of them for the Mac.

Shortcuts for Mac

Shortcuts for Windows

The shortcuts I use the most are- select, select paragraph, select/delete, select all, copy, paste, undo, save, bold, italicize, move between open windows.

Which are your favorites?




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