The Bullet Journal

The first thirty years of my life my plan was to be late to half of my appointments and to forget about the other half, to never accomplish anything, and to hate myself. The next fifteen years my plan was to start getting organized and start being the sort of person I could trust to get stuff done and get me places in a reliable fashion. I like myself a lot better now and we have a lot more fun together. 

In the last fifteen years I have gone back and forth so many times between paper and digital planners and I could never find the perfect solution. I do so much better when I can write things down and see them on a page but I can’t always have a paper planner in front of me and I was always limited by the design of whatever planner I bought that year.

After using a paper planner for several years in a row, this year I again switched to planning on my phone. My phone is simply more convenient because it fits in my pocket, I can set repeating events and timers and I can share my calendar with friends and family. Plus I always have my phone with me.


What’s not to love about that? But we had too many lovers quarrels. It was too easy to ignore my calendar and neglect my to-do lists and I just couldn’t admit that we had to end it and the problem wasn’t me.

It was you.

Last month I ran across a DIY planner online called The Bullet Journal that has changed my life. This is not a casual fling. This is true, everlasting love and It’s exactly what I always dreamed a planner should be except for one little thing.

It doesn’t fit in my minimalist little purse so I’m guaranteed to forget it in some random place and be destroyed for days till I find it again. I left it in a friend’s car and my life literally could not go on until I got it back. It’s a good thing there is a solution for that. After eight years of using the same purse, it’s obviously time for me to buy a bigger one. Because people.. I’m organized and I don’t lose stuff… anymore.

Back to the amazing Bullet Journal. It’s amazing because you design it yourself with a blank notebook so you can write as much or as little as you want in each section and you index everything so it’s easy to find again. No more flipping through pages to find the notes I am looking for.

I wanted an inexpensive notebook with a hard cover, a wire binding, and grid paper thick enough that my fountain pen wouldn’t bleed through. This notebook is perfect for me and it also comes in styles with lines and dots.

One of these days I will show you how I use my journal but in the meantime you can find hundreds of videos about Bullet Journals online. People get very fancy with them but so far I’m keeping mine fast and simple.

I’m still using the calendar on my phone when I want a reminder for an event or I want to share an event with someone so basically I’m going analog and digital.

A couple weeks ago I got up at four o’clock in the morning and spent two hours planning my life and writing things down. It felt great.  I’ve only been using it for a few weeks but I’ve already accomplished more in those three weeks than I accomplished this entire year. Or so it seems.

I made sure I grabbed my journal as I was running out the door for a meeting yesterday but guess what I forgot?

My phone.



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