Things Don’t Always Work Out For the Best

Cache Valley farm life was amazing but when my oldest daughter announced she wanted to go to Utah State and live in the dorms I knew it was time for the rest of us to move back to Salt Lake where we started two years ago. There are just more opportunities for all of us here. 

I was in a hurry to get moved before the cold and the snow started so I spent November packing and we would move into our new place on December first. The night before we were supposed to move into our new place the realtor texted me and said it wasn’t going to be ready until the seventh but they were going to pay me to find a place to stay in the meantime. The night before the seventh they said it wouldn’t be ready until the tenth and they would give me more money. The night before the tenth they said we could absolutely move in on the thirteenth. That was the day I started looking for a new place to live. Just in case.

I found two houses that could possibly work for us on such short notice. They were both remodeled and beautiful.  One of them was in a great location but was too small for us. The other one was big enough but it wasn’t in the best location.

When I got the call on the morning of the thirteenth that our place still wasn’t ready and it actually wasn’t going to be ready for another month (so sorry about that), I called the owner of one of the new houses, made him an offer, met him there two hours later to sign the lease, and we started moving in that night. In the cold and the snow.

I was frustrated to lose the original place but there are so many things I like more about the house we are in now that I’m happy the whole thing happened and we had to suffer a little bit.

Which house did I take?

The bigger one of course and the neighborhood has been wonderful. In fact my daughter, just last night asked me, “Do you know what I like about our street? It’s quiet.” I thought that was a funny thing for an eight-year-old old to say but it’s true. Our street is quiet, our neighbors are lovely and we’re close to a library and parks and shopping.

We are very happy here.

And my daughter is very happy at Utah State.

Things don’t always turn out for the best but this time they did.


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