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Working for Minimum Wage = Dream Job

I had a dream job once and didn’t know it. When I was nineteen, after wasting two years at college, I moved to a new city all by myself. I was young and stupid and lonely and broke. I rented the cheapest room I could find and I took the first job I could find and I got the first boyfriend I could find (he was adorable and he’s probably reading this right now so, Hello Mr F.), and I had no idea what to do with myself. Continue reading

Diet or Exercise?

Is this even a serious debate anymore?

I did sports in high school. I was a college athlete. I was a gym rat for decades. I know all about getting caught up in our country’s obsession with exercise.

The biggest craze these days seems to be marathons. You just aren’t cool unless you have run at least 27 of them.  Continue reading

See the Little Bunnies Sleeping

It’s been almost eight years since I got really serious about sleep at our house. Putting my children to bed earlier solved maybe half of their behavioral problems. I feel sorry for tired children that get drug around when they should be home in bed. They aren’t happy, their parents certainly aren’t happy and no one within sight or sound is happy.  Continue reading