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What will it take?

Two women grew up on a farm together.  Many, many years passed until you would never guess that they were only one year apart.  One of the women moved, acted and looked much older than the other one.  They had a similar start but they led very different lives as adults.  I bet you can guess which one continued to feed her family simple, inexpensive farm food and which one began eating the same processed garbage that the entire country was beginning to eat at that time.

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GAPS Diet Update – A Shortcut to Good Health

I have talked to a lot of people about the GAPS diet that will say they tried it and it didn’t work.  Which means they tried it for a couple weeks or they kind of sort of did it for a few months.  That’s not how this diet works.  How it works is that you follow it, all of it, exactly right for two years or longer and you live the principles for the rest of your life.

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