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Dear Jane – Regrets


What are the things you kept when you got rid of everything? I’m curious because I’m starting the great purge in our house today. There are very few things that I’m attached to but, I am afraid to get rid of things and then regretting it, so are there things you regret doing away with?

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Are You Selfish?

It’s funny how most of us think that once we buy something we have to keep it forever because we paid good money for it and we might need it some day.

When you go to a movie you don’t sit in the theater for the rest of your life because you might want to watch another movie some day.  You don’t try to horde the seat and keep other people from using it.

No.  You watch the movie and then you get up and walk out the door and get on with your life.

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Does Your Home Own You?

Years ago, at the same time friends of mine were building enormous, beautiful homes, I was doing everything possible to get out of my home and it wasn’t even that big by Utah standards.

I remember giving them my unsolicited advice at the time.  DON’T DO IT!

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Simple Goals

You can’t do it all.  You can’t have children AND a perfectly clean house AND a full/part-time job AND always look gorgeous AND cook all your food from scratch AND get enough sleep AND homeschool or supplement a public school education AND exercise daily AND make cute little crafts AND remodel your house AND grow a garden AND bottle the produce AND practice an instrument AND get your  own education AND have meaningful relationships AND save the world AND on AND on…

I love stating the obvious.

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